An integrated and fun training program for a true immersion in the Italian wine culture

Our online interactive tastings are linked to each purchase of our six-bottles selection boxes.

Each selection, dedicated to a specific theme, is designed to show you some of the best examples of different terroirs, grape varieties, or wine-making styles. Each box will include a complimentary booklet with an introduction to that theme and the technical sheet of each wine. While comfortably enjoying your wines at home, on your own, or by sharing the experience with your friends, the wine experts from our team will guide you to the discovery of these gems of the Italian wine production and they will be ready to answer all your questions regarding these wines.

Not just pre-recorded videos, our live online tastings will be built around your knowledge level and your familiarity with each wine. You will not get boring lessons from wine-geeks, but you will live a genuine experience with professionals that will share with you their passion for Italian food & wine culture.

Dedicated to true and curious wine lovers, this is a unique opportunity to go beyond the sole enjoyment of great bottles and learn much more about the exciting stories of terroirs, producers, grapes, and traditions that make them unique.